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Pet Emergencies: Water Safety Tips for Your Dog

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When it comes to pet care, it is not simply about ensuring your pet has the right nutrition and has gotten all their shots. It is about ensuring that they are safe at all times whether they are sick or out playing. A favourite pastime for pets, especially dogs, is frolicking in water. This is well and good but you have to take measures that they are safe while having fun in the water. Here are some pet and water safety tips that could come in handy whether you are on a day out at the beach or you are around a swimming pool with your pet.

Invest in a dog life jacket

This is especially important if you tend to go out fishing with your dog once in a while. When buying the life jacket, go to the store with your pet so that it is fitted to their exact size. For further pet care, you could opt to get the jackets that come with handles at the top as this will enable you to pull the dog out of the water if the need arises. Dogs may be strong swimmers but when it comes to their safety you can never be too cautious.

Be wary around swimming pools

If you have a pool at your house, ensure that the dog cannot gain access to it on their own. Having it gated would be ideal just as you would try to keep toddlers from wandering to the pool area on their own. Another thing that you could do when it comes to pet care around a swimming pool is train your dog how to get inside it and get themselves out. When the pool is covered, you should be vigilant to ensure that the dog cannot gain access to the pool area as these covers can easily give in and your pet could end up trapped underneath it.

Do not let your pet near stagnant water or bogs

Pets are curious by nature. However, this curiosity could lead to a pet emergency if the pets are not being carefully monitored. When it comes to pet care, ensure you keep your pet away from stagnant water. The chances of this water being contaminated is quite high, and if the pet ingests it, they could end up ingesting blue-green algae. This type of algae is quite hazardous as it could prove to be fatal in just a matter of hours. There is also a host of bacteria and parasites that your pet could be exposed to if they drink such water.